The Role of Drones in the Future of Air Cargo Webinar

The Role of Drones in the Future of Air Cargo

The air cargo community is increasingly using drones for transport and delivery, especially in remote areas; airport security; and warehouse operations. Drone technology has been advancing, allowing flights to be safer, beyond visual line of sight, longer distance and more autonomous.

Air Cargo Next hosted a webinar titled “The Role of Drones in the Future of Air Cargo” on Tuesday, March 26, at 11 a.m. EST. The webinar will explored the present and future of cargo drone technology and use. 

Industry-leading panelists will share use cases for drone delivery, delve into drone technology advancements, discuss the future of drones in air cargo, highlight the impediments to drone usage, and discuss regulations needed to support drone growth in the industry. Watch the webinar on-demand by filling out the form below! 



Kenneth Chircop
General Manager
Dronamics Airlines Europe

Steve Magirias
Drone Delivery Canada

Aleksey Matyushev
CEO & Co-Founder

Courtney Blackann
Associate Editor
Air Cargo Next

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