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Pegasus Logistics Group provides a comprehensive suite of services, products and support to help solve even the most complex logistics challenges in both the US Domestic Market and Internationally.
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We’re a market leader in collaborative transportation and logistics services. Leveraging a flexible network of partners, proprietary technology and our unique approach to collaboration, Pegasus Logistics Group creates best-of-breed solutions that deliver client-centric results to help clients with their dynamic business needs. We are the pioneers of mission-critical. Very proud of growing like we are while maintaining such a great culture. Winning back to back BPTW awards these past two years is awesome. It shows that if you grow the right way, it’s not only rewarding to your balance sheet but helps build and maintain our culture. That growth has given us the ability to invest and impact the community in ways we could not have before. What sets us apart is an intense focus on our what we’re great out. Many companies in our space want to be everything to everyone despite how it could impact the overall client experience. Our ‘high touch’ model is best in class as long as we support the right type of business. Our clients embrace it and it’s proven in our most recent Net Promoter Score of 67.

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