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We can assist our clients in understanding the extensive rules and regulations of international trade and allow them to complete their international business transactions without surprises.
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Glover has been a family run business since its founding in 1966. We have been moving with the times ever since, building on our core competency in customs brokerage to develop a wide range of transportation-related services which can be customized to meet each client’s specific needs. Our clients range from multimillion-dollar organizations that import and export goods around the world every day, to smaller outfits that might need service only a few times a year. Over the years, our firm’s mix of customers has expanded to reflect the changes in Ottawa’s economy, with more technology companies adding to the diversity of our traditional clients. Glover has also branched into consulting, providing guidance on customs regulations to clients across Canada, the United States and Europe. For us, satisfaction is finding trade solutions for clients which benefit their business and foster their growth.

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