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Astrophysics Inc. designs, builds, and delivers x-ray scanners for our customers’ security mission around the world. Our technology detects and identifies hidden threats. Our security system’s engineering helps protect critical infrastructure, transportation, and trade. Astrophysics’ commitment to our mission is why millions around the world trust us to keep them safe today, tomorrow, and always.
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At Astrophysics Inc., we are engineering a safer future. We design industry-leading x-ray scanners that help safeguard communities in the U.S. and around the world – today, tomorrow, and always. We are one of the only companies that specialize solely in x-ray security technology. Our innovative R&D culture constantly pushes the boundaries of what is possible in x-ray imaging, making us a global leader in security solutions. Our employees embody our core values – Respect, Loyalty, Integrity, and Teamwork – and are driven to deliver screening solutions that optimize the security experience for our customers. Our revolutionary scanners and imaging tools, coupled with our custom-centric approach, have made Astrophysics Inc. the #1 choice in x-ray security.

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