Watch “The Future of AI in Air Cargo” On Demand

Air Cargo Next hosted “The Future of AI in Air Cargo” on December 5th. This webinar explored the effectiveness of AI integration in air cargo businesses. Panelists shared use cases for AI, discussed the future of AI in air cargo, highlighted the challenges and drawbacks of AI integration, and examined the impact of AI on the workforce. Watch on demand above!


  • Projections for the future of AI in air cargo
  • The drawbacks and challenges of AI integration
  • The effect AI implementation has on a workforce


Kirsten de Bruijn

Kirsten de Bruijn
EVP of Cargo
WestJet Cargo

Nisarg Mehta
Co-Founder & CTO

Michelle Williams
Managing Director of Strategy & Business Services
Southwest Airlines Cargo


Yael Katzwer
Associate Editor
Air Cargo Next